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Holy 'Sploding Head, Batman!

Aug 20, 2006 by Susan
Hey, Everybunnies! A'member this?

Last week, the comix-loving members of [title of show] were treated to a special tour of DC Comics. Join Jeff, Hunter, ASM Tom and me as we delve deep into the inner sanctum. Step right this way and tour along with us...

Here we are in the elevator lobby...

First stop, the 7th floor. Brace yourself, people: this is where Superman lives. (Heidi, does it make you feel feelings that Brandon Routh and I are really making our relationship work despite our hectic lives...him fighting working it Off-Broadway...You should really come to terms with those feelings, Heidi.)

There's danger at every turn at the DC offices. Hunter and Tom almost got zapped in the badoobies when they unwittingly ran smack into this dangerously-large chunk of Kryptonite. Luckily, I had a heart-to-heart with Superman and he saved them in the nick of time.

We got to visit the office of DC honcho Paul Levitz. Paul has one of every DC book, action figure, product and DVD. It was a lot to take in and it kinda blew our minds.

Jeff ran into many different Wonder Women (Wonder Woman(s)? Wonder Wombins?) during our journey...
The first Wonder Woman in a jaunty, patriotic skirt.
A bouncin' and behavin' Wonder Woman (who needs to clean up that Brazilian, PS).
And, of course, Wonder Woman for President!!

We even got to go into the DC archives with vaultkeeper Alan. (Is it just me, or is the role of Alan being played by Peter Lorre?) Alan showed us an original, laminated Action Comics #1. The laminate has kept this rare original from fading and disintegrating. Crazy.

Jeff and Hunter met at the corner of Gay Street and Nerd Junction to googley-goo over this poster for SUPERMAN: THE MUSICAL. (If a rare bird had been perched on the frame, gínerd Jeff would have had a synergistic aneurysm and died a happy man.)

Then, the real fun began...

Did you nerds know that DC also publishes MAD Magazine?

(If you rattled out the contents of my brain and examined my early influences, you'd find some Muppets, Carol Burnett, Donnie and Marie, SNL, Dr. Demento, SCTV, Pythons, some cast albums I borrowed from the library and stacks of MAD Magazines.)

Here's where I started to lose it.

We were treated to a kick-ass tour by MAD's Art Director Sam Viviano, who has worked for MAD since 1980. Sam's first MAD cover still hangs in his office...remember this classic, MAD fans? Good stuff!

Speaking of classics, here's the MAD illustration that made Hunter's pants itch and tipped him off that he might be a gee.

And speaking of itchy pants, dig MAD's cutey hiptster receptionist. Brings to mind a young Clark Kent temping at the Daily Planet.

We got to look at some original MAD art work and hang out with MAD fancies Dick Debartolo and John Ficarra. Dick's been writing for MAD since 1966, bitches! He's the man behind the film parodies* (*sung to the tune of Surry with the Fringe On Top...). John Ficarra has been the Editor-In-Chief of MAD since 1984. These people shaped our young, comedic was insane to meet them in person!

So, how did all of this good fortune befall us? It all stems from the generosity of this DC's own Steve Korte. Steve's a comics professional and musical theatre enthusiast...he's the one who saw [title of show] and picked up on Jeff's Wonder Woman/Justice League fixation. In a strange turn of events, Steve unwittingly had the [title of show] mascot hanging in his office. (Say, if there was a cage match between Ice Bat and Wonder Woman, who do you think would win? My money's on Wonder Woman...)

Special Thanks to Steve Korte for sharing his world with us! We had such a wonderful time!! And we even got Golden Age Wonder Woman Action Figures to take home to Larry and Heidi!! Now there's a whole army of Wonder Womyns in our dressing room!!

Thanks, Steve!!


This visit was all part of the [title of show] GOLDEN PONY program: Mention your likes, desires or wishes in the [title of show] and the [title of show] Golden Pony will poop it out for you. Just don't squeeze the Golden Pony too might kick you in the head like poor Clara at Light in the Piazza. Then you'll end up retarded. But you'll also end up with a super-hot Aaron Lazar husband. So the moral ahead and squeeze the stuffing out of the Golden Pony...if it gets tired of crapping out adventures and gifts and famous admirers, it can sleep when it's dead.

Now, wake up and get to work, Golden Pony! We still need to meet Ricky Gervais!!


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