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Six Degrees of Merle Louise

Feb 04, 2009 by Jeff
Have we mentioned this game before? Some of our pals from the University of Michigan invented it I think...thanks Barrett, Britt, Court, Todd, Celia -- i think one of you nerds came up with it...anyhoowz, it works just like "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon", but much more fun, of course. As a starter, here's Merle's IMDB page.

The following is a message I received from Michael John C. on Facebook not too long ago that I feel will make a good forward to the published book that I'm working on called, "Six Degrees of Merle Louise". Enjoy the story as it is not only about Merle, but Nancy Dussault as well--- and I love Nancy Dussault and the stories of her life!

On my mom's birthday back in like 1990 or 91 I took her to see "Into the Woods" (which has long been my favorite show and as such, I had seen it like 15 times). As a result, I became one of these 'stage door Johnny's" and got very friendly with the stage door dude whose name was TJ. TJ used to literally look for me and let me backstage after all the shows I went to which is how I got to meet and know mostly all of the entire cast including replacements! Sad but true!
So this one day...I take mom to the show for her bday and I rented a limo for the occasion...the show ends...we go to the stage door...TJ lets me in...i get warm greetings from Rob Westenberg...LuAnn Ponce (replacement Red)...Merle Louise etc....and introduce my mom to them all while touring the set. I explain to TJ that its my moms bday so he says, "Well, you haven't met Nancy yet!". Nancy who? Nancy Dussault!! She was the last person to portray the witch just prior to its closing...Nancy breezes out of her dressing room and TJ grabs her and introduces me and my mom to her and she was terribly sweet. She chatted with my mom for a good 15 minutes and then said her goodbyes to us both and darted out of the door into her waiting limo. Problem is....SHE GOT INTO MY LIMO BY MISTAKE and she whisks off into the night!! Now, I'm standing there with my mouth mom and TJ watch in horror and there's this OTHER limo driver looking at us like WTF? Meanwhile...Merle Louise comes out and asks what the hell is going I explain that Nancy Dussault just absconded with my limo and now i'm she says, "well then why don't you just come with me to my cabaret show tonight in the village"?! All of a sudden, my limo comes screeching down 45th street...pulls up in front of the stage door of the Martin Beck, the door flies open and out pops Nancy who is now hysterically laughing..."OMG I TOOK YOUR LIMO BY MISTAKE! I"M SOOOOO SORRY"! (I never quite understood how my driver took off with a total stranger but...he did). Nancy is SOOO embarrassed she offers to take us out to dinner on this point Merle Louise chimes in that she already invited us to her cabaret show so now here's Nancy and Merle arguing over what my mom and I should do with the rest of our evening!! Bottom line...we said thanks but no thanks to them both...Nancy gets into her CORRECT limo and speeds off into the night and my mom and I started our journey back to Brooklyn in our own limo....but not before dropping off Merle Louise at her gig in the village!!!

Play responsabally!


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